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Our website review tool

Enter a URL address and get a free website, SEO and social media analysis

Why use it?

The free web test report that’s generated will give your website a grade based on the strength of various SEO factors such as On Page Optimization, Off Page links, social media and more. The grading is on a A+ to F- scale, with most major, industry-leading websites in the A range. Improving the grade of your website will make your website perform better for users and rank better in search engines, putting your site higher up the page and more visible. There are recommendations for improving your website at the bottom of the report. Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like us to help with improving your website’s SEO.

Please feel free to contact us today or call  on 01223 693 818 to see how we can develop your SEO plan for your business.

Why is it free?

WebWorksWell supports UK business to grow and succeed.

We believe that most modern businesses need an effective web presence, to reach their target customers, and let their customers find them on Google and other major search engines.

WebWorksWell, as part of our web design services for Cambridge and UK businesses, provide their Free Web Test to allow organisations throughout the UK achieve a better understanding about what makes a website work well in the eyes of major search engines.

Our free website checking tool will give UK small business the power to learn the quality of their current website, and realise what website jobs need to be done to improve the website.

This will allow small businesses to keep track of the performance of their digital teams, and get true value for money for their organisations.

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The more people that know about this free service, the quicker organisations can receive quality services from their web providers, and the web will work well for everyone.

Typing a website address into the search bar, will generate a fully printable or downloadable .pdf document, which you can send to your current digital provider or the WebWorksWell digital team so that the improvements can be made.