£200 Worth Of Keyword Research for £10 ONLY

We usually offer our Keyword Research out at £200, but for you we’re offering it for only £10! Pages are essential for a website. We recommend that before you build the pages up you get some keyword research as this early investment will save you lots of money in the future.

Give us 10 seed keywords that you would like us to use. This may not sound like a lot but we will find every possible keyword combination with the volume of searches per month and keyword difficulty so that you can choose the best keywords from the list to use on your website.

Keyword research is the process of evaluating what search terms (aka keywords) your business would like to be found for on a search engine like Google. For example, while your Peterborough based bagel company may want to be found for ‘Best Bagel Business UK’ it may be more successful using a more popular search phrase like ‘best bagel shop Peterborough’. Through  this process, we can make sure that your website is found by your customer avatar by looking into potential keywords that could be used and implementing those that have the highest search volume and ideally a lower amount of competition than others.

Be found on your target search engine like Google or Bing by the right people, your customer avatar.

A great tool to see assess whether your website is accurately reflecting your business and its products/services.

Take control of a crucial part of your business’ online strategy and drive more qualified traffic, convert more customers and secure more leads to your business,  starting with sorting out your keyword research today!

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Really friendly bunch of people and great at what they do. For any web design, SEO, digital marketing, etc. work required, please get in touch with these guys. They really know their stuff and are great to work with.

– Matt Saunders


It was a real pleasure to work with the people at WebWorksWell. I am very specific about my website, and WebWorksWell accommodated all my wishes. Look no further for your Website!

– Daan Schreuders

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